Sunday, September 9, 2012


So, as I have said before, I love cooking. I read about it, try different techniques and watch cooking shows. Of course, with everything else going on now, I have had much less time than I would like. However, my all-time favorite cooking shows, recipes etc. come from America's Test Kichen. I subscribe to both Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country. Their recipes are foolproof and scientifically tested and diverse. So I just bought two of their cookbooks - Slow Cooker Revolution ( and The Cook's Illustrated Cookbook ( I have not recieved them yet but I am very excited. The slow cooker one has 200 slow cooker recipes which is great because I feel that slow cooker recipes are either bland or too similar to each other. But this one has slow cooker entre├ęs as well as desserts and I trust their recipes will not be bland. The second has a mammoth 2000 recipes of all types. If you have the Joy of Cooking, it seems to be a compilation on that level. It will be an indispensable resource.

How do you decide what cookbooks to buy? Do people even buy cookbooks any more? Or do they get all their recipes online? I love cookbooks but usually buy themed ones - healthy dinners, Indian food etc. But these promise to be so much superior!!! Any favorite cookbooks that you want to share?